The Moiré Museum

Welcome, Dear Visitor, to this small and humble museum. You can see some pictures resulting from my playful work with vector graphics. Everything is realised as simple as possible, so may it run comfortably on all devices!

Groups of Circles


Colored Rays

Rotation, please.

rotation rotation rotation rotation

You can move the cursor over the picture below if you like.

Rays in blue and red Rays black

Rotation and/or touch the image, please.

Colored Rays moved

Nested Squares

Rotation and/or move over the image, please.

Nested Squares moving

Checkerboard Pattern


Emergent SQRT

Rotation and see what happens!

SQRT Signs moving

Does emergence only occur when an entity is observed having properties its parts do not have on their own? See

Equilateral Triangles

Rotation! You do not even need anaglyph glasses in red and cyan to find some 3D effect.

rotation rotation Black Triangles

Miraculous Tiles

Rotation, please.

Tiles moving Tiles fix

Nested Squares and Circles

Move over the circles, please.

50 squares 50 circles zoomed

Please note that on some mobile devices a moving vector image might be pixelated. If you can see it accurately, you might also notice a moiré effect between the circles and your screen at the end.

Rose Windows

Rotation, please.

Rosette Rosette moved

Sine Lines

Rotation and see what happens!

Lines moving sine lines

Lines Cyan

Leonhard Euler's Method

Euler's Method for approximating solutions to differential equations lets you draw appealing images. ☛ The Mice Problem and perhaps the Mouse Problem from “Monty Python's Flying Circus”: “... there's a big clock in the middle of the room, and about 12:50 you climb up it and then... eventually, it strikes one and you all run down”. Drawn using!

Euler Lines Overlapping Euler Lines 0 Overlapping Euler Lines 1

Spotlight Lines

Linien im Quadrat


Sierpinski Carpet Cross

Would you like to see further images? Then, please visit my vector graphics page.

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